Space Shuttle Atlantis

2014 MUSE Multimedia Award

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Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex
Delaware North Companies

The Atlantis Shuttle is displayed as if floating in space, a view only the astronauts had previously seen.  Now surrounded by more than 60 interactive exhibits and high-tech simulators, the shuttle program’s 30 years story is told through the immersive experience.

The STS interactive Timeline allows guests to explore every element of the shuttle program, from early development through its final mission, bios of all the astronauts, and fun facts about the program.  The ISS Media Wall covers the history and ongoing expeditions of the International Space Station.   The two media walls contain more than 50 videos and 4,000 images.

For Meet The People, we traveled to several NASA Centers conducting more than 80 interviews to share the stories of people who worked in creating this engineering marvel.  Training simulators with an intro from Astronauts and Instructors along with artifacts round out the guest experiences.